Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dual Core Hotfix for XP - KB896256

Apparently there's a hotfix KB896256 for xp which enables better dual core performance for those who need it.. but some OEM manufacturers don't pre-install it! doh ..

first saw this on theinquirer.net which is a great tech geek news site. Looks like my Toshiba p100 doesn't have it based on a thread on notebookreview, guess i'll find out when it comes back from being serviced, it developed a bad block on friday, so it's being serviced....

so i'm back on a old ibook running OSX, how does it feel being back on OSX?
I have been using old mac's from hopme for a year... they are nice, but being a long time windows user.... i prefer it, especially when i'm developing...

which is why this patch interests me, i do a lot of Oracle and CFMX work, plus Mapguide, Postgres and a bit of Java, PHP etc... so my machine get's hammered now and then

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