Tuesday, April 10, 2007

John Howard can only do one thing at a time?

PM yet to see $7b national reform plan

Mr Howard says it is odd that Mr Bracks is asking the Commonwealth for extra money when he is yet to sign up to the Government's $10 billion water plan.

does anyone find this a just a little bit ironic or stupid?

Howard comes up with some policy on the back of a handkerchief, figures it's worth $10 billion without asking treasury and then complains Victoria won't sign up, when his own constituency the VFF ( Victorian Farmers Federation ) refuse to agree with it

and then says effectively that it's impossible for him to look at any other policy until this one is signed off? It does explain why he has done so little reform in 10 years doing a boom cycle....

I guess not every politician works the way you do Mr Howard....

Or is it just another case of being caught out doing nothing?

The problem with the federal state government relationship is all Howard's doing, if you work with people, rather than sticking something down their throat and saying take it or leave it, people tend to respond better

maybe it's all getting to much for him?

I like the consensus style of Mr Rudd... sure sometimes you need to take the lead aggressively, but that's often better as a last resort, not a first step

anyway, I waiting for the $300 million dollar advertising campaign from the government before the next election

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