Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SQL Server 2005 Notes

Ok, new project and i need to play with SQL Server 2005...

I remember what a cow Oracle was to install back in the 90's, with Oracle 10g they finally got the install right.. it just works, presents all the options in a logical fashion and it's quick...

SQL Server 2005? a typical install is easy, custom is a silly complex MS experience.

How hard is it to give the option of installing everything under one directory? Plus the silly install options.. make available options and the like... arghhhh

anyway got it up and running now.....

if you import an old database an try to do a diagram and get this error

"Database diagram support objects cannot be installed because this database does not have a valid owner. To continue, first use the Files page of the Database Properties dialog box or the ALTER AUTHORIZATION statement to set the database owner to a valid login, then add the database diagram support objects. "

(why can't they have a simple error code a la oracle? and i got an error trying to copy the text to the clipboard, sigh)

try this solution

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