Monday, May 07, 2007

CF Frameworks for CFEclipse and Coldbox

CFEclipse has a new xml driven framework explorer, CF Frameworks plugin

now coldbox doesn't have xml.. mmm... it should be possible to generate an xml description of a coldbox application ..

Luis, the author of Coldbox has commented on my previous entry that The request context snapshot is now integrated in the debugger and will be due for 2.0.1 due probably next week. So your wish is my command!! JEJE. actually it turned out to be an awesome little feature. I believe you will like it. You actually see the state of the request context as its manipulated and traversed throught events. Very very useful.

i hear thousands of cfabort and cfdump tags screaming and whithering in pain at the thought.

I hope there's a requestContextTrace() for use within an event handler :)

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