Friday, June 08, 2007

back in berrrrlin!

after over four years i'm back in berlin (long rrr in their for the english speakers)

memories are flooding back, we went out to olli's parents place yesterday and helped setup for the wedding. I heard all then plans for the wedding, my family becomes part of their family as i am the best man :)

which means i am a unmarried cousin of olli's which means i can play a role in the greek wedding, which is going to be a mix of old traditionals.

been chatting with basti in barcelona online of course (good when your in the same timezone too) Talked the Micha before, he sounds really good. Wolfgang is coming to berlin a day early to catch up, it was nice to ring him and surprise him yesterday. Katja is busy setting up two markets stalls which have to be moved coz their in the wrong spot, so she's flat chat busy. Nicole just came back from the dry cleaners which haven't yet cleaned her wedding dress... hope they do a 1 hour dry cleaning.. some of those services you take for granted in oz aren't so common here.

it's lovely weather here :)

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