Friday, June 08, 2007

i bought a n95

i bought a n95 last week, optus kindly upgraded my phone 6 moths before my contract was up. I had lotsa dramas with getting it delivered, but it all worked out in the end.

I have re-flashed my phone three times, as the default aussie profile has only english, inodnesian and polynesian... Stupid Optus, use the EURO-1 profile please...

the nokia software is ok, if a little non-standard (flash i/f). I miss some of the features from my w800i, the little things make life easier. But it's nice to be able to txt easily, as my old w800i joystick was very very sick.

maps are good on the n95, still two hard to load them tho. why does the phone have multiple modes? PC Suite should expose the phone a a drive... is that so hard to make work?

anyway, life's good :)

i also have a skype in number for melbourne.... no caller id which sucks, but it's good value for 10 pounds..

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