Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Observations on the Nokia N95

So i have had my N95 for a while now... i used to have a sony w800i which are both based on the symbian OS...

The new Firmware v12 is meant to of improved the maps,

A couple of annoying things with the N95
* No date and time on messages in the inbox or the message display (on a big screen and all!)
* Cell info only flashes up for a second when you unlock the phone
* why can't i read a file info the clipboard
* why is the clipboard size limited?
* Menu view as list should have a small text option
* I always hit the bloody gallery button when using the arrows
* The camera is slow to start!
* No flash light (there are apps which can turn on the red camera light tho)
* The ridiculous price of the navigation add on, per country!!
* I know it's probably a USB thing, but why do i need to select which mode the usb connection is in? that's so 1990's

Things i really like
* Cut and paste on a using the edit key :)
* the arrows are better than the w800i joystick which always breaks!
* having a GPS!
* The new version of map loader is much faster!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zac
How do I cut and paste using the edit function with my N95??
$ Thanks

Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

hold down the pen button and select using the arrows. paste is then available under the pen button. only works in edit mode i think

ie: forward a text so you can edit it and then select some te4xt from it