Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Age Website redesign sucks

The Age has just recently redesigned their website.

Personally I find there is too much white on the page and I find it very uncomfortable to look at. The previous design had a nice blue page header and naturally guided the eye towards the content.

The content pages aren't quite so bad, but front page for one of the top websites in Australia is a joke

The new design feels like a 13 year pubescent boy walking backstage at a fashion parade for lingerie, you just don't know were to look!

Some of the font sizes are too small and i always get the feeling I am going to miss some interesting story.

I watched Media Watch on the ABC website last night, (which incidentally I find to be a really nice Web 2.0 ish (sic) style site) and they were talking about the amount of fluff stories being run instead of news.... Who cares if a dwarf got his penis stuck in a vacuum cleaner??? (I'm not going to justify it with a link either) and article was badly written too...

The ABC site is a good contrast to The Age, my eye falls nicely on the content and they make good use of tags and inline video content.

Why on earth the Age persists with spanning stories over mulitple pages I will never know... I would like to see the stats on how many people click on the single page link.... it's just so 1990's!!!!

ok, enuff ranting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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