Tuesday, August 28, 2007

California, next stop Burning Man

I arrived yesterday in LA, was an early start after a nice dinner in NY with my Noel and Jenny, Jack and my Brother and his girlfriend.

Headed down to Venice Beach with Steve (whom i met thru Wolfgang at the Vuuv) and his girlfriend Topanga.

It's amazing how much of this town is familiar from TV and movies.

I had a mission to find some google for Burning Man which was easily solved, plus a pair of aviator glasses, i had tried in NY but wasn't so lucky.... So i got shoes and sunnies now... my 'bowling shoes' finally died in Ozora, Hungary...

Venice beach was really nice, i even saw the canal out back behind the beach hence the name. No one was swimming or even on the beach, except for the drumming circle on the sand. Not many photos taken coz I left my camera at Steve's.

My mission now is to find a way to get to Burning Man, my original plan to join Alex (Berlin) fell thru, so i'm chasing down options at the moment.

Just changed my flight to leave LA on the 9th, so i'm back in Melbourne, Australia on morning of the Tuesday 11th September.

I have a few thousand photo's on my laptop to sort thru before i post them and some retro-spective blog entries as well.. all in good time, probably after the 11th!

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