Saturday, September 22, 2007

Burning Man 2007 Photos

This is the crew i headed up to the Burn with, completely random group of people which clicked really really well :) Hat's of to Duff for organising everything! I was a real small world experience to ctach up with Radha after all these years. Driving the 32" RV into the bestival was a highlight on the road trip, I have seen so many desert roads in my life on TV and movies it was fun to do it myself.

The Space Elevator dancefloor at 10 - H, brilliant banging psy-trance... best music i heard this year... and what a crew! nice to get some monster dancing in

The mornings looked pretty sci-fi filmish :)

This looked odd during the day, but at night it was stunning...
Steve told me it was a prototype for some 3D TV stuff

Lots of interesting art all over the place... It was an adventure play ground!

I did lose some photos somehow somewhere on my PC

When the amazing double rainbow happened after the sandstorm / white out with 4m visibility i didn't have my camera with me.... the wide angle would of been perfect ... ah well some memories just will live on in my memory. Ya had to be there!

there's more photos on my picasa web album Burning Man 2007

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