Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vuuv 2007 Photos

Hmm, always seem to wearing the same clothes!!! ahh the joy of back packing round the world. The german summer was pretty average this year, but the Vuuv had brilliant weather. Saturday was super cold at night, a classic rave like morning

Nicole, Oli, Diana, Steve and Wolfgang. I called Wolfgang on the way from Berlin and organised to camped with him, he had a mate Steve from LA there who I ended up staying with when I was in LA... plus a whole crew from Hamburg

Like a lot of German open-airs, there was a lot of corn around the festival site.

Diana's is looking as beautiful as ever on her 23rd birthday

Misha rocked up on Saturday and was looking extremely fresh, especially after the huge friday night the rest of us had

Jules and I decided to go tropo and head out into the cornfield for some chill out time... it's very green and geometric in there.. all these summer photos have a lot of skin....a bit of contrast ist gut... hehe

More photos in my Vuuv 2007 Album

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