Friday, November 23, 2007

Looking forward to the next CFCAMP

I went along to CFCAMP Melbourne today, it was a really good event, very relevant and interesting stuff. Peter Bell's talk on code generation was my highlight, I enjoyed chatting about it with him over lunch... then to have the nice suprise of finding three of my dad's work mates were sitting at the same table...

I raised the idea of having an open CF Bug Tracker (Jira being my preferred option as always) and the Adobe team were quite open to the idea. Even having an (semi) open bug tracker can reduce your support calls. Livedocs comments are the closest thing at the moment.

CF8's new Flex support showed strongly, as did the PDF forms, CFInterface, Ajax support (lets hope updater 1 updates the various js libraries)

The whole CF8 package is pretty incredible when you delve inside what you can do with it, as Jason explained on CFInsider recently, it's a lot cheaper than the sum of it's parts

I sat down with some of the Adobe team and discussed my issue with my Oracle JDBC problem and after showing them my test cases they forwarded it on to the CF team. Really nice group of people the CF crowd :) I might of been a bit harsh in my initial blog entry ... sorry guys

As a guide for anyone wanting to submit a CF Bug Report, it's a bit hidden under the Feature Request link from the Coldfusion Support homepage. Tho you can't attach files which kinda sucks.

Just remember, when you reduce your test case (bug example) down to very simple code (or steps to reproduce) that clearly demonstrates the problem, it's more likely to get attention.

That's good advice for everyone, developers and users !! hehe

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