Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meredith Music Festival 2007 Photos

Thanks to a last minute ticket from Marcus, I ended up going to my first Meredith Music Festival last weekend. I have been to a lot of festival's in my time, but they are almost always of the electronic variety. It was great to head up with a different circle of friends and see how the other half lives :)

My Personal highlights was Crystal Castles and Goyte and Cut Copy.

Personal lowlight was the DJ's on Saturday night...lame.... who the hell plays Blue Monday, only to cut out before it kicks off with into another (lame) track.. doh... least i picked it was going to happen sitting in Camp....

I was asked about how i found Meredith compared to Doof's.... Meredith had a much more relaxed vibe ( the dancefloor was covered in chairs and lounges ), I only got my exercise by "searching for friends to a sound track" as Mimmo said. Overall it was a lot of fun, but I am really looking forward to my next doof!

On a side note to The Age.... there is more visually interesting photos of Meredith Festival than just a crowd surfing pic (yawn) and a butt shot from the Meredith Gift.... But hey I was expecting that.. I have been shooting mostly wide angle with my 10-22mm recently, partly due to my 17-85mm being placed in a very safe place at some point.. very safe...where???

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