Monday, January 21, 2008

Really old Thunderbird bug finally fixed

I got some blast from the past bug mail from bugzilla today, it looks like one of those really old bugs (circa 2000) from way back has been finally fixed.

Bug 47838 – can't paste screen capture (bitmap, bmp image data) in composer or mail compose [print screen]

It involves the ability to paste an image into Thunderbird from the clipboard. It already works fine on Windows with, but should work on all platforms with Thunderbird 3.0.

This means you can hit print screen to capture the current screen and then press ctrl-v and paste a screen shot straight into an email. Keys will be different on the other platforms.

The real beauty of open source software development is the ability to track down or log a bug in software and then receive any updates as people discuss or resolve them.

I consider using this type of software for any IT project mandatory, your just wasting valuable time otherwise.

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