Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Life is better with Mapguide Opensource!

On one of my Mapguide projects, we were having an issue with the wrong font's being displayed which was causing a legibility problem.

So I jumped over to the Mapguide Trac Site and checked out the recent code check-ins, as I remembered seeing something about that appearing on the Timeline (Think of it as a Facebook style newsfeed for the project)

I found this closed issue Improve font matching algorithm, so I logged into the server, switched to the source code directory and ran svn update, rebuilt and installed the latest and greatest Mapguide version.

It was pretty quick as there are only minor changes and hey presto, problem solved!

So I'm no longer running 2.0.1, actually, I only did for a very short while, as there were some other nice fixes checked in after the 2.0.1 freeze.

I have said this before, don't bother using the mapguide src tarballs, always use subversion but stick to the appropriate branch and not the trunk, it's going be more reliable, that's what branches are for...

ie svn co

Also, Tom Fukushima added an external_id to the bugs relating to issues with Firefox 3 not working with Mapguide Ajax Viewer and Apache Crashing which means the Autodesk team is looking into them.

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