Monday, June 23, 2008

Solving climate change for 54 cents a day

The kids who follow Brendan Emo Man Nelson have kicked up a fuss over the introduction of a Emissions Trading Scheme in Australia.

Their problem is that households might be $200 AUD worse off per year.

Quickly grabbing the calculator, it works out to about 54 cents a day to actually start doing something about climate change.

Obviously things are tight at the moment for working families (sic), but 54 cents seems pretty cheap to help guarantee your kids a future.

One of the biggest problem's with the American system is that there is no direct opposite for the President, unlike in Australia where we have a Leader of the Opposition who usually gets equal coverage as the Prime Minister.

Alas, it doesn't really help much when the opposition is just so out of touch.

There is a certain responsibility here as well for the Media, especially News Corp whose journalists seem to have their head well and truly stuck in the dark ages that marked the Howard Years.

Another great tragedy is way that the opposition have delayed the passing of the government's changes to superannuation laws for same-sex couples.

I'm getting angry Brendan, very angry....

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