Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bitten by Patch Tuesday

Well, thanks to the team at Microsoft, my laptop is screwed and needs a re-install....

It stopped booting properly after the recent batch of Microsoft Patches, grrrr

What i find really annoying is that system restore didn't work as this morning,
after a system restore yesterday, I find M$ has reinstalled the patches, despite
automatic updates being turned off......

Basically it hangs on the "Windows is starting" screen, safe mode still works

Please enjoy the lack of swearing, it took some self control...

Update: Coldfusion wouldn't start either and after the system restore, gdiplus.dll has been renamed.... more here


Anonymous said...

I know you don't want to hear this, but I resisted the Apple call for years and finally accepted an MBP last year and I could go on and on about how stable and beautifully engineered and simple it is, but I'll just offer this observation: After a few weeks on a Mac, you will be stunned that personal computing was ever an intimidating experience. You'll wonder why patches, antivirus signature updates, upgrades, installes, registry hacks, all that bs that MS make you go through: Not only is it all absent on a Mac - more importantly, the Mac makes you realize it was all totally unnecessary in the first place. MS has just been jerking you around for the last ten years.

Anonymous said...

More likely the crap software you use on the machine crapped out as it was written badly. None of my seven machines at home (all different brands/models/versions had any trouble)

As for anonymous apple boy, Patch Tuesday had a rather LARGE competitor, yup. OSX has twice as many security flaws as Vista at the moment.

If you're running a Mac without anit-virus YOUR AN IDIOT! This person also hasn't obviously used a mac for long as they say there's no installers... oh... so you run a barebone system. I simply wouldn't let you on my work network.

Stable... Mac is running or it isn't... one error and the whole computer locks up... yeah real stable. I've never had a lock-up on Vista. I can't start to count the number of times the Mac (I sold) crashed and wept in the corner!

An EeePC has more use than a mac book pro. That's why just about every developer who gets one runs xp or linux on it!