Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dangers of Binary Opposition

I'm entertained, angry, annoyed and alas not that disappointed or surprised.

Being a media slut and loving the sound of your own voice is a dangerous addiction which the Liberals seem to have developed whilst they come to terms with life in the wilderness that is Opposition.

The recent personal attacks on Ken Henry and the constant dull puerile calls for explanation coming from the Binary Opposition is starting to form a worrying trend.

1. of or pertaining to a child or to childhood.
2. childishly foolish; immature or trivial: a puerile piece of writing.
Hearing Helen Coonan on Newsradio complaining that the Aussie government changed it's stance on Israel is really starting to get annoying. They are acting like spoilt brats...

Opposing Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories and supporting the Geneva Conventions in the Palestinian territories, doesn't really need explaining. It's common sense! It's not the like current policy has achieved anything...

From do not adjust your mind

It must be hard to sit back and watch Social Democracy replacing Neo-liberalism as the new status quo in the western world, something like standing on the beach and feeling the waves wash the sand away from under your feet.

My real concern is that the current approach of the Liberals is undermining general confidence, even tho most of the population probably don't even understand what point they are arguing.

Consumer and Business Confidence is falling faster than the Liberal's 2 party preferred vote.

Rudd despite some REALLY dumb policy like the Net-Filtering rubbish is generally handling things quite well, even The Australian agrees!

There is no way the Liberals can realistically make gains from this behaviour. Given the benefit of recently being elected, Labour is going to remain on top for a while. I thought Truffles might understand this, as he was once a Merchant Banker, but alas no
So just what are the Liberals trying to achieve via their constant trash talking of the Government?
It better be good, because obvious side effect of damaging confidence in the Australian Economy is really not helping, anyone at all!

I feel better for getting this off my chest, phew....

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Kristy said...

ha! Love your post, particularly your moniker for Malcolm..... Truffles. ;) I wonder, sometimes, if the whole binary opposition thing describes most opposition parties and leaders and is 'just politics' UNFORTUNATELY. Politicians generally seem to spend more time bagging the ideas and actions of others than they do coming up w positive alternatives and being bipartisan/tripartisan. And HA - I love that Kev wanted to censor the internet *mygod*. Had missed that (been a bit slack w the papers lately.... naughty).