Thursday, November 27, 2008

Falling water pressure in Melbourne

Hot on the heals of the Liberals, Nationals and Greens, fiddling in the Senate with the water policy, it appears, that Melbourne is really having major serious problems.

Fiddling while Rome burns?

I live in the Democratic Republic of East Brunswick and last week I noticed during my morning showers that the water pressure had dropped off really drastically.

After the heavy rains last week, the pressure returned, but only briefly. Even with a water efficient shower head, the trickle could barely be called a shower.

Talking to friends in and outside the republic, they have also noticed the same problem.

All this in the week where the (Binary) Opposition, Greens move to stop North-South pipeline.

The thing is if you delve into the detail, the Victorian Government is spending $2 billion bucks to improve the efficiency of irrigation in the north of the state. This will return a lot more water to the Murray Darling basin than the 75 billion they want to siphon off.

Even the State Liberals understand this. Seeing Barnaby Joyce from the water logged state up north that is Queensland, ranting on the news last night really got my back up. I guess you have to be good at something...

So there's a big problem... it's not time for politics any more, we need real solutions or Melbourne might be screwed...

Then again, there might be another explanation for the drop in pressure. Lets hope...

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Jeremyinc said...

Well it's rained ever since I got here from Canada! just on and off but it has been as hot as I expected, but hey, it's only melbourne right?

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