Friday, November 28, 2008

What Coldfusion Needs

it probably is just not public yet? ?

Working with open source projects make me happy, because project databases make being a geek much easier.

Coldfusion needs one, badly, it will help evangelise the platform and make it more attractive to new developers. Not having a open project database is just so 1990's.

Even if they started from scratch and let the community fill it, it's pretty easy to setup a project in Jira.

Ralio has a Jira Project, even more reason to give it a go I reckon.

Wasting developers time by not having such a resource is almost shameful, IMHO.


James said...

It is coming apparently. It was announced at a few of the events this year. Do a Google on ColdFusion "Public Bug Database" and a few people blogged about it from CFUnited 08's + SOTR's keynotes.


creole said...

Yes...CF will have a public bug base starting with Centaur (CF9), but I don't think that older versions of CF will get them.

Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

I know it's been coming for while, I'm just impatient!