Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Adobe Coldfusion Builder 2 pricing down under is a JOKE

Adobe announces they have released Coldfusion Builder 2 today, but the Australian pricing is a sick joke.

List price in the US is $299, but in Australia for download only is $407 ex GST.

Now I'm not sure if the Adobe folks realise, but our dollar is worth more than USD!

Today, via xe.com  USD $299 is actually only $274 AUD

Adobe has a loyal group of Australian CF developers, treating us like this is a sick JOKE


Mike Collins said...

If I go to store.adobe.com I don't even see Australia as a choice. What country did you choose?

Looks like an issue with the store conversions, I don't think the CF team wants to play with currency conversions.

I'c open a case with the store customer service http://www.adobe.com/uk/support/service/onlinestore.html

Mike Collins said...

I see Australia now, at first glance I thought it was Austria.

yeah open a case.

Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

Just asked about this via the Adobe live sales chat

Although Adobe Australia and Adobe US are different parts of the same global company, Australian Marketing strategies and pricing are not directly related to those used for the US.

The prices are not simply converted from the dollar pricing used for US products, therefore the pricing used for each country in the EMEA region may vary.

zac: it's outrageous

zac: can i buy from the us store?

Yes, you can make this purchase if you have US credit card with billing information.


Jason Dean said...

If you are going to make a comparison, you should at least make a fair one.

Compare the price without including TAX.

ColdFusion Builder 2 without GST Is $406 not $474

The $299 price for Americans does not include tax.

Also, even WITH GST, it is not $474AUD it is $447. You have two numbers transposed in your post.

Now I admit, there is still a big difference there, and I am unsure why. But I think you should at least be accurate in your complaint.

Jason Dean said...

Sorry, I just read your post again and realized I was mixing up the numbers your were using.

My mistake, I apologize.

TomasF said...

This is a trademark of Adobe and has been for many years, though incredibly it seems to get worse, not better.
Over the years I've steadily been looking to alternatives to Adobe products where at all possible, just because being told again and again that your money isn't good enough, so if you REALLY want to buy their products you have to pay a 20-55%(!) extra fee for not being American. But hey, if they're doing so well they absolutely don't want my money, no need to force it on them...