Friday, December 02, 2011

Nexus S echo problem - a dead simple solution

The Nexus S can have a slightly annoying echo problem during calls.

It's really easy to fix, I'm kicking myself I didn't try this earlier...

  1. take the back off your phone
  2. grab some printer paper, (a slightly heavier weight is better)
  3. cut out a piece which is big enough to wrap around the battery
  4. fold this piece over three times
  5. place on top of the battery
  6. replace the cover
  7. enjoy!
I used the same trick with my N95 when the battery used to come loose


Kyle Mast said...

Is this to do with the speakerphone or just having a normal call conversation?

Zac Spitzer said...

bit of both, you can feel the case vibrate

Anonymous said...

Thanks buddy, will try this out. Was having a problem with people hearing an echo when on the regular speaker. Especially with a case in the phone.

ram said...

Am I understand correctly, I don't need to wrap battery with this peace of paper, I just need to make cover more tight by this paper?