Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BROKEN: Web apps launched from the iOS home screen always reload

Sadly mobile Safari has a sordid history of being broken in each new release, but mobile web apps have been broken for a very long time (since circa 2010).

It appears that if you save a web page using a manifest to the homepage, it doesn't really work. Each time you click the icon from the homepage or switch back to the application, the damn webpage is reloaded, which is fine for a simple webpage, but we are talking about Web Apps.

It would appear that at blame is iOS and it's faux multitasking.

There is a lot of stuff over on Stackover flow about this, i.e. Stop reloading of web app launched from iPhone Home Screen . Alas, no solutions but advice to persist your application state in localstorage (or you could risk indexeddb which is another sad Safari story) but that doesn't solve the underlying problem.

Meanwhile, Chrome on Android just works a treat, Web Apps don't reload when you switch or launch them.

My main frustration with Web Apps via Chrome on Android is that the Fullscreen API doesn't allow you to expose the browser chrome and thus settings from full screen mode.

This means it's even more complicated for users wanting to re-enable navigator.geolocation support after ignoring or denying the first and only prompt. Try walking your parents thru that over the phone...

Please prove me wrong or tell me the next iOS release addresses this issue?

Saturday, July 05, 2014

How to get real line numbers in Chrome when using a wrapped console.log function

If you use a wrapped console.log function in your javascript, it's rather annoying that the console log entries always refer to the wrapping function rather than the relevant line in your source code.

Fortunately, Chrome has a workaround Tips and Tricks: Ignoring library code while debugging in Chrome (remember to open and close dev tools as described in the article)

There are a number of good reasons to wrap your console log calls, firstly handling old browsers which don't always have a console and secondly, keeping a buffer of console logs which can be included when capturing and reporting client side errors

While on the subject of client side errors, Tracekit is a useful library which provides stack traces for javascript errors

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Front runner for Political Meme of the Year

Liberals celebrate passing the Carbon Tax repeal bills in the HoR (again)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

SOLUTION: When OSX won't recognise an exFAT external hard drive

A little gotcha with exFAT (a disk format like FAT32/NTFS etc which both OSX and Windows support out of the box) is that silly old OSX will only recognise the disk if the cluster size is 4,096 or less.

So if you can't see an external exFAT disk from a Mac, you probably need to backup the data and then reformat the disk with a cluster size of 4,096 or less.. if that doesn't work, carefully delete the partition from OSX and recreate it.

4,096 is rather shit for large files like photos, mp3, etc but anyway, it works

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Mum's Summer Pudding Recipe

Serves 6
  • 8-12 slices day old white bread
  • 900 g of frozen fruit blackberries/raspberries/mixed berries but not strawberries
  • 100g-170g white sugar

Mum adds 1 chopped green apple (per pudding) diced to make the fruit go further.

Rinse a 900 ml pudding basin with cold water. Trim the crusts from the bread slices. Cut a circle from 1 slice to fit the bottom of the basin. Cut enough wedge-shaped pieces to fit around the sides. Press bread in firmly to line the basin making sure there are no gaps. Reserve a few pieces of bread to cover the top.

Trim the fruits and put them into a saucepan. Add the sugar, cover with a pan lid, and cook gently for 5 minutes, or until fruit is softened. Turn hot fruits into the lined pudding basin. Cover the top with the remaining pieces of bread and put a weighted plate on top. Allow to stand overnight.

Remove the weighted plate and place a serving plate over the pudding. Invert pudding on to the plate and serve with cream.

Mum's tips:

  1. Very little extra trouble to make two instead of one (recipe is for one).
  2. If you add a little bit of extra fruit and sugar it will give you extra juice. (Sugar and fruit must be in the same proportions).
  3. Any type of pudding basin can be used (Not sure if metal OK because of the acidic action of fruit on metal).
  4. The pudding should come to about half a cm from the top of the bowl.
  5. If the top layer of bread is still white add a bit more juice.
  6. Then cover with two layers of glad wrap tightly. With weight on top put in fridge.
  7. When ready to eat remove glad wrap, loosen gently with a knife and put a plate on top and invert.
  8. However careful you are, there are always white patches and stain with juice.
  9. Remaining juice put in a bottle in the fridge and pour over pudding to serve plus cream.
Update: Mum got the original recipe from Katie Stewart's Cookbook ISBN 0 330 28556 4 (1985)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Best German Prepaid Sim Card 2013

Most German prepaid SIM cards generally suck with tiny 200mb 3G data allowances, don't even bother looking for prepaid LTE/4G...

The best by far seems to be Congstar, it's all in German, including text images, so Google Chrome translating isn't always helpful, so you will need to have a smattering of German to work it out and register.

You can by a prepaid SIM card from DM for 8.49 which includes €10 credit, or from any http://www.telekom.de shop, lookout for the pink T sign, for €9.95.

(BTW Congstar uses the t-mobile network, supposedly the best in Germany, but they only sell the SIM packs, no in store support)

There are two SIM packs, one in plastic which lets you choose options, the other one has a choice of two plans.

If you are like me, only after data, you can get 1Gb for €12:90 for 30 days which I think is the best you will find. 3Gb is only €19.90

Viel spass!


1. You can find out how much data you have used via pass.telekom.de, (not via WiFI or WLAN as the Germans call it)

2. This is annoying, surf packet (data) is per month, so once you have used up your data, you are speed limited to 64k. You can't upgrade to a higher plan until the next month, which is really dumb. You can however, via speed on, purchase a 500mb upgrade, via the pass.telekom.de, so I would really recommend the 3GB option

3. The live chat support via congstar.de is quite good and if you ask them to speak English they can :)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

How the LNP killed off the Election debate over #gonski with one lie

Source: Google Trends

Windows Power Tip, right click task bar items for shortcuts to frequent uses

I only just discovered this by accident, if you right click on start bar icons,
you get a list of frequently accessed items.

So for web browsers, you get most visited websites and recently closed sites,
with Windows Explorer, you get your most frequently accessed folders.

Can't believe I only just discovered this after all these years of using Windows!

You can also increase the number of items in the list


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Minister for Finance, Why did China dump Direct Action for Emissions Trading?

"Chinese officials have expressed their surprise and disappointment that Australia is seeking to repeal its carbon price, just as the world’s second largest economy and biggest polluter prepares to launch new carbon trading schemes of its own, and seek linkages with international markets.

Just hours after Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt was hailing the passage of the carbon repeal legislation through the lower house in Canberra as a “victory for the people”, his somewhat more powerful and longer sighted Chinese counterpart, Xie Zhenhua, was hosting a presentation at the Chinese pavilion at the climate talks in Warsaw, hailing the start of pilot carbon trading schemes in Shanghai and Beijing next week."

Source: China surprised and disappointed by Australia’s carbon repeal

Our new Minister for Finance has some explaining to do, or is this an operational matter too?

Then again......

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