Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bluetooth remote controls for you PC

I have a sony Sony Ericsson Walkman® w800i and my laptop has bluetooth

what's really cool is you can use HID profiles and use your phone as a remote control, for bluetooth winamp for example.

there are a couple of tricks to know

firstly, you can find the remote controls under the entertainment menu on your mobile phone

secondly, in order to get it working on a toshiba laptop, you need to make a new connection to your phone, but not via the express method, use custom and select the HID driver

Toshiba Assist -> BlueTooth Settings -> New Connection

Make sure you select the HID (Human Interface Driver)

this secret to getting the bluetooth remote control working with a toshiba laptop and a w800i... otherwise you get a Bluetooth connection failed error, even when you can transfer files to your phone

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