Sunday, March 03, 2013

Tony Abbott's scripted lies about #NBN costs


Are you going to make Malcolm Turnbull the Treasurer?
Malcolm is the Shadow Minister for Communications. He’s doing a really good job of exposing the fact that the National Broadband Network is a complete white elephant. He’s doing a very good job of promoting our real solution, which is national broadband that doesn’t involve digging up every street to deliver fibre to the home whether you want it, need it or can afford to pay three times the current price for it. He’s doing a very good job and I expect that Malcolm will be the Communications Minister in an incoming government.
Note, he wasn't even asked about this, Abbott just wanted to deliver this prepared talking point

Now just imagine if someone from the ALP had said this.... I am sick of the media double standards

The Age did report today, NBN users report no hike in bills  yet nothing about Tony Abbott's bullshit?

The irony of Abbott's lie is that most business customers would happily pay 3x current costs just to be able to access reliable high speed broadband.

For all the constant, right wing carry on about productivity, you think they might understand this concept.

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Unknown said...

Most pertinent - Business would happily pay 3 time the cost for high speed. More important, as a small business in the regions, we would happily pay 3x the cost to have high speed AND uninterrupted Internet. Everytime it rains the phones & net cracks up, until it gets to the stage where the old telstra its fill with water & we lose the net. Combine old copper & pits that are never maintained, we are screwed.

Can't run a business effectively that way. Not just about the speed, is also about the replacement of ancient crap so we can actually have 'maintained' internet services. Even shops here will lose eftpos facilities when it is too wet... A box on the road that the Libs want to do is not going to help in that situation :(