Thursday, July 31, 2008

OpenLayers Architect

Erik Hazzard just posted an update about his GSoC 2008 Project OLArchitect.

OLArchitect is a web based gui/gui for building maps using OpenLayers, it's looking promising. No Mapguide support yet tho :(

For anyone who considering building a web based map interface today, OpenLayers is the must use Swiss Army knife for web mapping.

Forget using the Google Maps API, Virtual Earth, Yahoo or anything else. OpenLayers can handle all these different maps using one API.

It means you can change mapping providers or servers without having to re-code all your mapping javascript to another API.

If your a developer you will love this because all the support is there under a single API.

From the business side of things, not being tied to a propriety vendor API means your investment is more flexible and can easily respond to changes.

The future of mapping is open source!

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Mateusz Loskot said...

Hmm, OL Architect looks very similar to WebStudio for MapGuide? It seems WS was never finished so perhaps it would be a nice opportunity for collaboration between WS and OLA. Who's gonna to suggest that? ,-)