Wednesday, July 09, 2008

FusionHDTV PIP Quickstart

I have a DVICO dual digital 4 which i am running under XP so I'm using the bundled FusionHDTV program (v3.68 which crashes a fair bit, whilst still showing tv until you press close). I wanted to use it with Linux, but there aren't any drivers available for the latest revision of the card.

I found it a little confusing to start with, the manual was a bit lacking but the FAQ on the site seems to cover most common things.

The first thing which made me scratch my head was the the control panel has the extended menu hidden by default. Where is the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) button ?

To open it, click the 'up arrow' or caret under the rewind button.

There are a number of options here like EPG and PIP (Picture in Picture)

If you click the PIP button, a smaller window will be overlaid in the corner of the main channel, with an extra menu in the bottom right hand corner. You can change the PIP channel by clicking on the channel

Then a list of the channels pops up to select from.. Simple

There are other buttons on the extended menus but i'll leave that up to you to explore :)

What I would love to know is how to show the EPG on my TV screen via S-VHS and not on the primary LCD screen, you know, so i can couch surf.. grr anyone?

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