Friday, July 11, 2008

Whats the point of a 'low impact' ETS

The climate change debate just gets dumber and dumber down under.

Brendan "EMO MAN" Nelson now wants a low impact ETS in 2012

ETS means Emission Trading System

I think he's missed the point, the only reason you have an ETS is to force change through simple economics. Sure, it can be abused, but the intent is important.

A low impact ETS will achieve nothing, it has to be broad, it has to be painful or there's no point.

Brendan (and the liberal party) have never understood what leadership is about. Waiting for developing countries to implement an ETS is just plain stupid. Australia is already economically damaged because we have waited so long to put an ETS in place.

2012 is too late, 2010 is still to late but reasonable, either way the blood is still on the Liberals hands for the damage to the Environment and the Economy (the first one is more important BTW Brendan)

don't forget who ran the country for the last decade either Brendan! Guilty!

Had the Liberals actually done something about this, Australia would of already been well down the track to reducing our dependence on coal, but they didn't and we still are...

and sticking with the leadership theme (I'm ranting, i know) after seeing Malcom Turnbull the other night on Lateline, I'm even more depressed....

Kevin Rudd last year wanted to show he was greener than anybody else and so he said, "I will do it better than that, I will do it in 2010." He had no basis for knowing he could do it in 2010. And our only point is the scheme should be launched when it's ready.

don't you just love the sense of urgency in his attitude? Leadership is about setting goals and then making them a reality.

Keep up the good work Kevin Rudd! don't let the dithering idiots distract you :)

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