Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New N95 Firmware! with N-GAGE

Just backed and and loaded the new v20 firmware on my N95 phone. The thing does feel a lot more snappy... (one of those days).. Even the backup and restore seems to of worked better than last update I did, and it did just work.

The last update v12 didn't include the new version of maps for my region (EUROPE-1) but this one does.... now if only the current cell tower location was always on the screen... The new search function looks good if not better than the Inbox for browsing messages.

N-GAGE has been added to the phone, with 2 demo's... they are going to release more soon, nothing available yet... the car racing game feels on par with the old sega rally / daytona if not a bit better

over on the N95blog i found this link for this really nice theme, Dark Teal

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