Saturday, December 01, 2007

Earthcore 2007 Photos

Best Earthcore in years, with Funktion One sound systems on all floors, on a weekend when John Howard became a victim of Workchoices it was great to be out in a crater dancing and having fun with some great music.

I remember forgetting about the election and then sitting in my tent with a few friends around 9ish and thinking, hey, what's going on? I switched on my phone and it started to peep....

Landslide! Mark Nolen

Labour doing well.. Major national region in qld swinging right.. Bennalong & Eden-monaro in canberra alp lead.. Will keep u updated :) Frances Ozturk

Oh Spitz, you missed Kezza o'briens freudian slip when if referred to 'a swing to the ABC' ! The aides outside the studios was HUGE! Gold. Mischa Long

Far fucking out! Johnny might lose his own seat. That'd be so sweet! Happy election night x
Sally McPhee

A week later and it feels very much like post Jeff Kennett in Victoria back in the 90's. Kyoto is in, The Libs are in disarray, John Howard doesn't even have a seat in parliament anymore, Costello ain't smirking, Troops out of Iraq by mid 2008... it's all great stuff...

In the end it was all expected

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