Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gmail select unread emails feature request

When you select all messages on a page in Gmail, it will then give you the option to select all messages under that label. Neat :)

A little pet hate is that unread mail count inbox(2), and empty inbox gives a nice false sense of being organised :)

I just want to select them all and either read, delete, whatever just to clean things out, but searching for "is:unread in:inbox" feels pretty damn wrong and is way to geek for most people. (gmail search commands)

When i click on the unread link, i would love to see an option like the "select all 2834 conversations" above : "click here to select all 2 unread conversations in inbox"


Balaji Govindu said...

Thanks for posting this cool feature. I was searching in google for this one and this is the first hit I got. Appreciate your work.


Anonymous said...

the command came in handy. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was also searching in google for this one and got this hit. I remember there was an option called "select all unread" but I can't find it anymore