Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mystery http corruption with Firefox

It's probably one of the extensions i have installed, but my Firefox often returns the wrong url or calls the wrong host for some requests.

I can see this in my local apache logs, i see the occasional aspx request (even tho there is no aspx stuff on my server) showing up and sometimes I see http requests coming back as plain text with the http headers and raw html.

It's not an easy bug to search for, but i thought I would blog in case anyone else is seeing the same issue...

as it's usually extensions which break firefox, here's what i'm running

Adblock Plus
Download Statusbar
English (Australian) Dictionary
Fission (Disabled in Browser)
IE Tab
Java Console 6.0.00
Live HTTP Headers
View formatted source (format source extension)
Web Developer
YSlow (Disabled in Browser)


PS: I had to debug some javascript stuff in IE yesterday and my god was it painful! It's just so bloody 1990's when you compare it to the debugging experience in Firefox.

I hope IE8 learns how to return which script the error actually occurs in, rather than the base page, when using a complex library like Openlayers.

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Anonymous said...

I get same stuff in mine - seems to have started from, however downgrades do not seem to fix problem - it ought to be one of the plugins but disabling all of them did not seem to fix the issue :(