Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mapguide Openlayers Sheboygan tiled map example

Here is a demo of using a Mapguide tiled map with OpenLayers, the OpenLayers Mapguide example doesn't have an example for a map you can access yourself like the Sheboygan sample.

The secret source to getting it working is

var extent = new OpenLayers.Bounds(-87.865114442365922,43.665065564837931, -87.595394059497067,43.823852564430069);
var tempScales =[1000,1930.6977300000001,3727.5937199999998, 7196.8567300000004, 13894.95494,26826.95795,51794.746789999997,100000];

Documentation for for OpenLayers.Layer.MapGuide & Mapguide Example

Following my testing, I believe the tiled map's under mapguide have a bug which relates to the tile grid not being correct


Nimrod Cnaan said...

Can't See you exampl.

Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

have a look at

Maxi Ng said...

very nice sample, help people like me to get start with mapguide+openlayers.

thank you so much.

and btw, what is fusion that you mentioned?

Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

fusion is the flexible layouts bundled with MapGuide

follow the links here for more info