Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogger captcha's are getting impossible

Anyone noticed that blogger's captcha images are starting to get ridiculously hard to read?


Anonymous said...

Have a gander at this one:

Gary Fenton said...

Unfortunately spammers are using smart software to read captchas automatically so the images need to be more wild and vague. They're also using captcha sweatshops.

Complicated algebra is the ultimate defence (that was a crazy captcha Mr Anonymous!) but I have seen some blogs that give you a simple question written in English that you must work out the answer to and respond. I think we'll be seeing more of them and hopefully less vomit-looking captchas.

Even this captcha has beaten me twice. I'm human, really!

Rupert said...

I agree (I'm human too by the way :-). It usually takes a couple of attempts to get through.

Today though I made a post and there was no captcha, which is why I went searching, and why I found this post.

Looking at the captcha for this comment, it is actually very readable. Maybe they've given up?

end of the game said...

You know what's interesting? Captcha is designed to not be passable by a computer (hence how it tests your human-ness) and yet the computer must know the answer as it is the very thing that is assessing your Captcha test! In case you're curious I wrote a post about the philosophy of Captcha here
Let me know what you think!