Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visual Studio 2005 install problem

We have had this twice at work in the last few weeks... It's kinda of bizarre that Visual Studio will fail from the DVD install, wrongly asking for DVD1 when it already has it.. Microsoft's premier development tool can't install on XP... perverse!

When Sam rang me today asking me how i solved the problem, i honestly couldn't remember. looking thru my google history didn't show the answer either!

But then i remembered, simply copy both dvds to the same directory on your harddisk and the installer will find the missing files, must be a screwy install definition.

On the subject of Microsoft, long live Yahoo because i think diversity is good. But get XP3 out the door, i am sure there are now zero day bugs exposed to the general population because of the delay. Plenty of other companies was broken with SP2, why are you so special? Risky ..

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