Tuesday, October 07, 2008

265 entries later, time to explain my blog's name

Before I got into working in IT, I was involved in the theatre. I was lucky enough to go to a school, St Michael's Grammar School, which had a really strong theatre program and we did two big shows a year, one at the National Theatre in St Kilda and one (or two) at the Malthouse

In Grade 6 the school did a musical where I ended up as crew, coz I didn't really want to sing in a musical and couldn't either! I pursued this throughout high school and ended up doing a year at WAAPA studying Production in the Lighting stream.

I loved doing theatre, I worked as a Production Manager and Lighting Designer, learning skills which to this day, I find really useful in the world of IT.

As a Production Manager, you have to be a jack of all trades and be able to converse with people with a diverse range of skills .

With lighting, you work with a complex network of cables, bulbs, gels, scaffolding and are challenged to make it all the technology work seamlessly to achieve something artistic.

In both fields, when you do your job properly, most people don't even know you exist. Unlike some other professions, in both fields, the real job satisfaction comes from doing your well enough that people don't notice it.

So back to the name of my blog. Often backstage in theatres, people write things in chalk on the walls. There was one I read at the National Theatre that has always stuck in my mind:

Do not adjust your mind, It's reality which is out of focus.
I have no idea if it's an original quote or just a great idea someone had backstage, but I love the quote and thus I adopted it, (at least the first half) for the name of my blog.


Ben Nadel said...

Having no idea what the back story was, I have enjoyed your blog name. Knowing the full quote now, I have to say I like it even more :)

Azadi Saryev said...

i really enjoy your blog - have enjoyed it ever since i discovered it on coldfusionbloggers.org...

i believe the correct quote is:
"do not adjust your mind. it is reality that is malfunctioning."


keep blogging!

Kartar said...

Which show was that?

Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

@katar, no idea it was a long time ago, might of been barnum

@azadi, I think the variation might of been from a lighting tech, hence focussing