Wednesday, October 01, 2008

When will Adobe open up the CF bug database?

Back at CF_CAMP last year in Melbourne (which was great BTW),
there was some positive talk about opening up the CF bug database,
which is in JIRA I seem to recall.

Having an open bug database is a major advantage for any programming
language, it saves a lot of development time and should be always a
factor to be considered when choosing software.

Now that we have at least five implementations of CFML engines out
there, this becomes more and more important to maintain consistency.

Anyone heard anything more about this?


Brian Rinaldi said...

I don't think I violate any NDA by assuring you that I know they are working on it. Be patient.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard zip, but I agree it'd be an extremely useful resource for both developers and adobe themselves. I've tried to let adobe know about bugs before but never hear back from them or find out any history of it.

So come on adobe, get it together :)