Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How bout Mandatory Renewable Energy for Business Climate Control

The biggest challenged faced by power companies in Australia is peak load capacity, which usually co-insides with really hot sunny days. As a result, we need to keep building base load capacity for such times. Times when solar power for example comes into it's own.

Climate Tax for Climate Changing in the Office? I like the Idea.

It's pretty simple, if a business runs heating or cooling, the need to subscribe to green power or they get taxed to the cost of green power + say 25% for all power they use to keep their office air-conditioned.

Sure the fine print needs to be worked out, but it solves the peak load problem in Australia, enlarges the renewable energy market and as a result reduces greenhouse emissions.

Side Effect: Old in-efficent air-conditioners get upgraded, creating jobs in itself !

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