Friday, October 24, 2008

Outrage! Censorship Downunder

As the world becomes a little more socialist, the Australian Government is marching down the doomed path towards more internet censorship, just like the with the Henson debate, the tone has been less than stellar.

Your from the ALP and meant to be (centre) lefties for crying out loud!

Filtering out the fury: how government tried to gag web censor critics

Kevin Rudd, is a man who likes have reviews. They allow for a fuller picture to be developed prior to making a decision.

The verdict is in, Censorship on the internet doesn't work, the technology moves faster than policy and let's face it, kids these days are the tech support in the house.

Every effort the Federal Government has made in this area has been a bad joke, wasting millions of dollars just so the Government can be seen to be addressing the issue. It's just so Hollowmen, thanks for reinforcing the stereotype, Kevin.


Write an email to the idiot pushing this turkey Stephen Conroy and ask him to fix the Broadband instead, illegible prices on all them sex lines and ringtone ads and the Liberals demise. That's more than enough to do and just stop wasting time waving on bad policy.

Censorship is a tired old idea which is very shallow, people with bright minds should already understand this. Children wrapped up in cotton wool tend not to learn as much about the world as those who aren't. We look down on China for their Censoring, maybe we should listen to what we preach...

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