Thursday, October 09, 2008

Voting Green in the Senate pays off

I am proud to say I voted for the Greens in the Senate last election
and on reading this blog entry Greens Luxury Car Tax amendments already working! I feel even better!

A lot of people winged about this, but here's proof, regardless what might be seen as a "discriminatory tax", it's actually working....

There's a lot of hot air from the totally discredited right wing about this sort of stuff. Good regulation can produce great outcomes.

As for Truffles claim he forced the banks to pass on 80% of the rate cut, let's not forget he was a Merchant Banker before he got into Parliament, now ain't that a profession which is held in high regard today.

Can anyone image where we would be today, if Howard n Costello had got back in and had put all their excessive spending plans & pork barreling in play... The Aussie dollar would be back below 50 cents and we'd be even more up shit creek with a paddle than we already are..

He would do well to watch the 7.30 report and Alan Kohler's smart analysis of the Rate cut and how most likely Rudd and Swan negotiated an outcome where the banks didn't raise rates out of cycle which would of totally spooked the market....

As usual, the right screws things up and it's left to the left to fixes the mess.

Steven Keen was also quite brilliant on the 7:30 report last night, probably should of been on Lateline though with an R rating. I think a lot of people who are mortgaged to the hilt would of been shit scared watching his calm and rational explanation...

It must be quite a shock for Gen-Y who grew up during a boom binge on fake money, it will be interesting to see which direction university enrollments go next year..

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