Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Americans" - the documentary

Some friends from Melbourne are traveling around America at the moment making an independent documentary, "Americans" - the documentary, blogging along the way.

Tim just posted on Facebook that they are looking for interesting people to interview, so if your in the US of A, drop them a line over on their blog and see what happens.

Personally, I would love to be in the States at the moment, as readers of my blog would be aware, I'm a typical foreigner and oh so pro Obama!

Watching the GOP spin itself into a horrible mess is making the rest of the world very happy!

My birthday is the day before the election and there's only want one thing for my Birthday...

My mate Ben who's a Union bloke from Melbourne is over campaigning for the election at the moment and I have to say I'm quite jealous. This election will/has/must affect the the entire world...

I did a round the world trip last year and spent some time in NY, LA and at Burning Man. One of the strongest, lasting and refreshing memories of the entire trip was the sheer number of Americans who were deeply concerned and interested in how I perceived them as a foreigner.


ike said...

I should really be used to the way Ausies use the word "mate" by now. :P

David said...

Thanks for the referral - do you know the bloggers/documentarians? I'd love to comment, but they don't allow anonymous and/or name/url postings. Just thought that would help with getting the conversation started.



Anonymous said...

I was interviewed in this documentary and have been wondering if anything ever came of it.....??? Do you know if it actually got made?
Melanie Smith

Zac Spitzer said...

word is alas the documentary was never finished