Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fusion Festival 2007 - Germany

If there's two things i've learnt since starting travelling two weeks ago is that

  1. Air France really sucks
  2. Fusion is going to be one hell of a reunion in amongst 30,000 people!

I have realised that I am to a degree on my physical IM world tour catchup (MSN,GTALK,SKYPE) ex-pats too! Still it's very nice to be naive in a brand new city and feel challenged by not knowing the local language!

I'm currently in an occupied house in Barcelona, just under the hill with the crosses on top below 'Parc Guell' which makes following the recommendation of all my friends who have been here before to go there very easy to follow!

For the poor souls in Melbourne freezing in the cold, yes it's warm humid and i am trying to make the beers cold enuff!

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Anonymous said...

hey zac,... you remember me from fullmoon... i made pictures with youre cam,.. guy whith one arm... please contact me!!!!!!!