Wednesday, August 05, 2009

activate firebug for the selected firefox tab problem - SOLUTION!!

Ever find that Firebug 1.5 shows the annoying "activate firebug for the selected firefox tab" with every page reload?

i.e. firebug is disabling itself on every new page and reload?

Simple, click the Firebug icon and make sure the Off for all Web Pages isn't checked.


The main problem is that there are two split option screens,
all options should be under the option menu.

Firebug's 1.5x beta UI is a bit quirky and confusing. With one slip of the
mouse and it's utterly painful, showing feedback about the setting on the active page
would be useful, personally i hate that screen

Telling people to reload extensions in this thread about this subject
is such overkill, I mean blame other extensions, with not even
a questions about what extensions the user is running?