Friday, July 27, 2007

Distracted == new blog layout

just got distracted by blogging and ended up resigning my blog's layout and colors!
and then i started geo-tagging photos in picasa.. course the places i went where not on the map...

problem: google maps with picasa doesn't know Olympos Turkey?
Solution: google, answer in the search listings
Wikipedia...:Coordinates: 36°24?10?N, 30°28?28?E easy

things which rapidly start to suck time...

so I'm back in berlin, after being in greece for the wedding (next post, me lazy),

Next up the Fullmoon Festival this weekend, Jules might be at the Voov, i mean VuuV!

in other news, just got the final approval for a big project which i really like :)

Next big flight, is to New York on the 14th of August,

also maybe ?

BTW: the photo on the left is from Soulclipse in turkey

IE Javascript error: document.getElementById()

hit this javascript error last night testing a Firefox developed code base for bugs in IE

"object doesn't support this property or method"

I think it was because i had this pattern going:


Adding a var fixed the problem IE.

var f_name=document.getElementById('f_name');

(IE, remember that app with the blue e?, I only used it for Testing & Support these days, boy is it a chore to debug javascript with IE compared to Firefox!)

anyway, here's a solution which worked for me.

Always on top Error Console for Firefox

This is a pretty neat extension, especially when your writing and debugging javascript!

"Console² replaces the JavaScript Console with what could be the next generation Error Console."

my favourite feature is having the Error console "Always on top" available under options .

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Canon 400D Impressions

So i bit the bullet and bought a canon 400d. I now have a spare 350D!

  • I love the big lcd screen
  • The auto lcd black out when something is near the eye piece is cool
  • The LCD screen needs an auto light level option, i am sick of switching down the intensity at night and then upping it the next morning!
  • The buttons on the side aren't as nice as the 350d, but that could just be habit.
  • The default profile on the 400d is darker in terms of contrast etc than the 350d by default.
  • It's very light!!!!

Just found this page reviewing the len's i have, which i highly recommend

* Canon EF-S 17 - 85 mm IS USM
* Canon EF-S 10 - 22 mm USM

Attention Google: RSS search results sucks

I have getting increasing annoyed by google's indexing and returning of RSS in the results. It's web search and web means HTML, not XML!!!!!!!!

I prefer seeing a page on the original website than using google reader or igoogle.

Please give me options
* Hide RSS/XML from search results
* On the open with Google Reader or iGoogle page, give me the option to go to the original page

Observations on the Nokia N95

So i have had my N95 for a while now... i used to have a sony w800i which are both based on the symbian OS...

The new Firmware v12 is meant to of improved the maps,

A couple of annoying things with the N95
* No date and time on messages in the inbox or the message display (on a big screen and all!)
* Cell info only flashes up for a second when you unlock the phone
* why can't i read a file info the clipboard
* why is the clipboard size limited?
* Menu view as list should have a small text option
* I always hit the bloody gallery button when using the arrows
* The camera is slow to start!
* No flash light (there are apps which can turn on the red camera light tho)
* The ridiculous price of the navigation add on, per country!!
* I know it's probably a USB thing, but why do i need to select which mode the usb connection is in? that's so 1990's

Things i really like
* Cut and paste on a using the edit key :)
* the arrows are better than the w800i joystick which always breaks!
* having a GPS!
* The new version of map loader is much faster!

Monday, July 23, 2007

ORA-00919: invalid function

Just got this error message playing with some sql...

What caused it?

I had a "." instead of a "," between the list of values for an insert statement, which makes sense when i think about it.. haha

Fusion Festival 2007 Photos

Fusion was a lot of fun, it was cold wet and over 30,000 people which made finding people a challenge... still I managed to catchup with pretty much everyone i wanted to.

My personal music highlight was on sunday afternoon, Atmos with heaps of the berlin crew. It's always nice to know exactly where to be to catch up with long lost friends!

Course i still find the new Atmos music a little to soft, but it's still beautiful music (not at the headcleaner level, but better than anything since).

Which was in stark contrast to a lot of the music at the fusion, the main techno stage could hardly be called a dancefloor, standing floor would be more appropriate!

Good to see Thoma dancing like old times! Having Dan and John along was super! I will never forget the moment john brought the bogan element to fusion. Geli, I'm glad to know the old berlin v hamburg politik hasn't changed!

Kombinat (spelling??) was also a lot of fun to, almost moshing in a big group of familiar faces is great fun.....