Saturday, July 05, 2014

How to get real line numbers in Chrome when using a wrapped console.log function

If you use a wrapped console.log function in your javascript, it's rather annoying that the console log entries always refer to the wrapping function rather than the relevant line in your source code.

Fortunately, Chrome has a workaround Tips and Tricks: Ignoring library code while debugging in Chrome (remember to open and close dev tools as described in the article)

There are a number of good reasons to wrap your console log calls, firstly handling old browsers which don't always have a console and secondly, keeping a buffer of console logs which can be included when capturing and reporting client side errors

While on the subject of client side errors, Tracekit is a useful library which provides stack traces for javascript errors

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Front runner for Political Meme of the Year

Liberals celebrate passing the Carbon Tax repeal bills in the HoR (again)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

SOLUTION: When OSX won't recognise an exFAT external hard drive

A little gotcha with exFAT (a disk format like FAT32/NTFS etc which both OSX and Windows support out of the box) is that silly old OSX will only recognise the disk if the cluster size is 4,096 or less.

So if you can't see an external exFAT disk from a Mac, you probably need to backup the data and then reformat the disk with a cluster size of 4,096 or less.. if that doesn't work, carefully delete the partition from OSX and recreate it.

4,096 is rather shit for large files like photos, mp3, etc but anyway, it works