Sunday, September 30, 2007

Windows Messenger delete's MP3's transfers

How stupid is a program that accepts a 100MB download, only to delete it because the file name is on a watch list, AFTER it's downloaded. There's a good entry on this i found on google

There is a solution via A-patch which fixes this any other 'design' decision problems with Windows Live Messenger. (try it out at your own risk of course)

Warranty Expiry Reminder

Your John Howard license is about to expire in less than 2 Months,
The license is non-transferrable or renewable

Please vote him out on the 24 of November.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Varscoper.cfc CFSCRIPT support

UPDATE: Updated code posted here

Is your code Thread Safe? How do you know?

that inspired me to do a bit of hacking as i use a lot of CFSCRIPT which the original doesn't support yet, it's a friday afternoon job, but it worked for me

add this code into the top of the findCFsetVariables function in varscoper.cfc

it will find any var scoped cfscript statements to reduce the false positives

<cfset var variableCFScriptDelim=" #chr(13)##chr(9)##chr(8)#">
<cfset var variableCFScriptStart = ""/>
<cfset var variableCFScriptEND = ""/>
<cfset var variableCFScriptText = ""/>

<cfset var variableCFScriptTextTmp = ""/>
<cfset var variableCFScriptCmd = ""/>
<cfset var variableCFcommentSTART = "" />
<cfset var variableCFcommentEND =""/>

<!--- Now start looping over all cfscript statements to identify variables that are being set --->

<cfset currentPositionVariableFind = 1 />
<cfset variableCFScriptStart = FindNoCase("<CFS"&"CRIPT>",functionInnerText,currentPositionVariableFind)/>

<cfloop condition="variableCFScriptStart NEQ 0">
<!--- Identify the cfscript statement --->

<cfset variableCFScriptEND = FindNoCase("</CFS"&"CRIPT>",functionInnerText, variableCFScriptStart+1)/>

<cfif variableCFScriptEND neq 0>
<cfset variableCFScriptText=""/>

<cfset variableCFScriptTextTmp =mid(functionInnerText, variableCFScriptSTART + len('<cfs'&'cript>'),
variableCFScriptEND-variableCFScriptSTART- len('<cfsc'&'ript>') )/>

<!--- strip line // comments as they don't end in a ; --->
<cfloop index="variableCFScriptCmd"
<cfif NOT (left(trim(variableCFScriptCmd),2) eq "//")>

<cfset variableCFScriptText=variableCFScriptText&"#chr(13)##chr(10)#"&variableCFScriptCmd/>

<cfset variableCFScriptTextTmp=variableCFScriptText>

<!--- strip out /* type comments */ --->

<cfset variableCFcommentSTART=find("/*",variableCFScriptTextTmp,1)>

<cfloop condition="variableCFcommentSTART neq 0">
<cfset variableCFcommentEND=find("*/",variableCFScriptTextTmp,variableCFcommentSTART+2)>
<cfif variableCFcommentEND gt 0>

<cfset variableCFScriptTextTmp=
& Mid(variableCFScriptTextTmp,variableCFcommentEND+2,len(variableCFScriptTextTmp) )/>
<cfset variableCFcommentSTART=find("/*",variableCFScriptTextTmp,variableCFcommentSTART+2)>

<cfloop index="variableCFScriptCmd" list="#variableCFScriptTextTmp#" delimiters=";">

<cfset variableCFScriptCmd=ListFirst(ListChangeDelims(variableCFScriptCmd," ",variableCFScriptDelim),"=")/>
<cfset variableCFScriptCmd=trim(variableCFScriptCmd)>
<cfif ListFirst(trim(variableCFScriptCmd), " ") eq "var">
<cfset VariableNameCfset=mid(variableCFScriptCmd,3,len(variableCFScriptCmd))/>

<cfset VariableNameCfset=trim(ListGetAt(variableCFScriptCmd,2, " "))/>
<!--- Update the var-ed struct to note that we are using this var --->
<cfset tempVaredStruct["#VariableNameCfset#"] = "not used">

<!--- Update the current parsing position to start from the end of the cfset statement --->
<cfset currentPositionVariableFind = variableCFScriptEND>
<cfset variableCFScriptStart = FindNoCase("<CFS"&"CRIPT>",functionInnerText,currentPositionVariableFind)>
<cfset variableCFScriptStart=variableCFScriptStart+len("<CFS"&"CRIPT>")>


<cfset currentPositionVariableFind = arguments.positionToStart />

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

John Howard's Citizenship test

The Outsiders hit TripleJ

My old friends Chris and Marcus have been working for a couple of years on their band The Outsiders and this morning were played on Australia's National Radio station JJJ.

The song is called the "The Way We Live" and your can here them online on demand @
or Listen to JJJ

Monday, September 24, 2007

CF Documentation Madness

CFquickdocs is really slow..... AJAX can be annoying, this site is not quick.... Personally i find this really annoying.. Not to mention that it changes the url (in firefox at least) so you can't reload the page.. doh!

CFEclipse integrates this site and i hate it.... The integrated help in Homesite just works quick.. not like adobe live docs either, which is even worse...

Programmers help should be fast!!!! when your cutting code, it's good to be able to jump to a quick reference... having to wait 5-10 seconds is painful and distracting...

Connex's New Timetable LCD's

"New Passenger Information Displays in the form of 100cm LCD TV screens are appearing at Flinders Street Station as we roll out a $4.3 million Passenger "

So, how about some feedback Connex? It would be really good to include time information other than the scheduled time..... yep, 4.3 Million and all it shows is the time of the next train, no clock, no 5 minutes till departure.... sigh... it's not that hard... the old system had it

and we still let these jokers run our transport system?

and not providing email feedback is a great way of stopping people providing it...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vuuv 2007 Photos

Hmm, always seem to wearing the same clothes!!! ahh the joy of back packing round the world. The german summer was pretty average this year, but the Vuuv had brilliant weather. Saturday was super cold at night, a classic rave like morning

Nicole, Oli, Diana, Steve and Wolfgang. I called Wolfgang on the way from Berlin and organised to camped with him, he had a mate Steve from LA there who I ended up staying with when I was in LA... plus a whole crew from Hamburg

Like a lot of German open-airs, there was a lot of corn around the festival site.

Diana's is looking as beautiful as ever on her 23rd birthday

Misha rocked up on Saturday and was looking extremely fresh, especially after the huge friday night the rest of us had

Jules and I decided to go tropo and head out into the cornfield for some chill out time... it's very green and geometric in there.. all these summer photos have a lot of skin....a bit of contrast ist gut... hehe

More photos in my Vuuv 2007 Album

Ozorafest Hungary 2007 Photos

What a great festival, Jules convinced me to go on Tuesday at Vuuv, so i changed my plans and it was Time to drive to Ozora, the site of the Solipse Festival in 1999.

We drove in Marie's bus the 14 hours via Prague and then down to Hungary, a few border crossing, so Jules and I got lots of stamps being Aussies, the rest of the crew being european's didn't. I love the reaction of the border guys when they see Jules and ask, "your Australian? Eh?"

Quite a interesting refernce point in my life to go back there after 8 years, I had only be travelling for a few months back then, I only spoke a smattering of German and i was 8 years younger.... lets just say I'm trained up these days. I also met a lot more people at this festival.... nice to have a sizeable berlin crew along too!

this thing was the money! so much fun... playing with G-forces...

A big musical highlight was Atmos, he was booked to play two hours, one hour classic which took me back years... wow... Silicon Sounds was pretty special... I remember having a sleep and then waking up, looking at my phone and grinning that I hadn't missed their set.

Of course having the festival washed out on Saturday night made things even more special as people just hung out in beer tents banging bottles on tables and dancing...or wading thru the market knee deep in warm muddy water with bales of straw all over the place. It made the festival and was a nice change of pace.

My flash died in the flood, but my tent survived better than some other ppl! Jules learnt the important rule never set your tent up with the door facing uphill, kinda asking for trouble.. espcially when there is a 6 inch river of water coming down the hill

Dad's family is Hungarian so it's always nice to visit, don't really have any connections there any more but it was really interesting to see people who looked like my relatives.

The hot mineral springs at Heviz were the prefect after party relaxation with 27C water!

There's more photo's in the Ozorafest Hungary 2007 album on picasa

Burning Man 2007 Photos

This is the crew i headed up to the Burn with, completely random group of people which clicked really really well :) Hat's of to Duff for organising everything! I was a real small world experience to ctach up with Radha after all these years. Driving the 32" RV into the bestival was a highlight on the road trip, I have seen so many desert roads in my life on TV and movies it was fun to do it myself.

The Space Elevator dancefloor at 10 - H, brilliant banging psy-trance... best music i heard this year... and what a crew! nice to get some monster dancing in

The mornings looked pretty sci-fi filmish :)

This looked odd during the day, but at night it was stunning...
Steve told me it was a prototype for some 3D TV stuff

Lots of interesting art all over the place... It was an adventure play ground!

I did lose some photos somehow somewhere on my PC

When the amazing double rainbow happened after the sandstorm / white out with 4m visibility i didn't have my camera with me.... the wide angle would of been perfect ... ah well some memories just will live on in my memory. Ya had to be there!

there's more photos on my picasa web album Burning Man 2007

Windows Firewalls

So I have been on a journey thru firewalls..... I just un-installed Sunbelt Kerio Firewall coz i had a blue screen of death with khips.sys which was the last straw. I also found that it seemed to be mis-reporting which applications were making connections, or my machine is sick... probably a bit of both..

i was getting some wierd http corrupution with bad verbs and requests getting sent to the wrong server.. dunno if that was kerio on windows

Kerio does have the best reporting interface for seeing which application is using what bandwidth... call me crazy, but that is the most important feature on a firewall for me...

Sygate 5.6 was nice, but it lacked the above features and is no longer maintained. Comodo is a resource hog (why is the favicon an IE logo?) and lacks the decent bandwidth reporting... I hate the interface for Zone alarm, it's to simple aka user friendly but I haven't looked at it in a while either

So today i have downloaded Outpost Free edition. Which then updated itself to Outpost Pro, which then updated it self again. Three bloody reboots later and its working nice..... but they could make thing simpler.... I disabled all the content blocking stuff....

So we will see how it goes...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Create or rebuilding an oracle spatial index in another schema

If you ever want to create or rebuild an oracle spatial index in another schema, you need to make sure that the target user has CREATE TABLE and CREATE SEQUENCE granted.

select privilege
where privilege in ('CREATE TABLE', 'CREATE SEQUENCE' )
and grantee = 'TARGET_SCHEMA'

and if they don't have it

grant CREATE TABLE to target_schema;
grant CREATE SEQUENCE to target_schema;

otherwise you will get these errors, hope this helps someone :)

ORA-29855: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXCREATE routine
ORA-13249: internal error in Spatial index: [mdidxrbd]
ORA-13249: Error in Spatial index: index build failed
ORA-13249: Error in R-tree: [mdrcrtscrt]
ORA-13231: failed to create index table [MDRT_11CBE$] during R-tree creation
ORA-13249: Stmt-Execute Failure: CREATE TABLE -----snip-----
ORA-29400: data cartridge error
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges ORA-06512: at ""MDSYS.SDO_INDEX_METHOD_10I"", line 10 "

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Show your blog entries on Facebook

Under the Notes Application on Facebook you can import the RSS / Atom feed from your blog and automatically have it show up in your stream of facebookness.. nice