Saturday, June 15, 2013

The policing of Facebook Community standards is pathetic

My account was banned after a friend of a friend started being aggressive in a comment thread
after I posted a story about abortion in the comments...

This man implied the well respected author was biased and a party hack, I asked him explain the slur on this women. subsequently, he then posted a Young Turks video link from my twitter feed and accused me of being a misogynist.

Naturally, like most right wing trolls, he avoided answering and tried to change the topic to abusing me.

He then started to repeatedly accuse me of sending private messages, including a gay slur, which I hadn't. Subsequently, he deleted all his comments.

 I was blocked for saying, "Stewart, Why did you delete all your comments? Fair Enough I did say stand up or retract... lulz"

This is classic (right wing) troll behavior, the Facebook "police" could of checked and seen I have never sent him any messages, he was outright lying. It wasn't his post he was commenting on and the original poster privately expressed his disappointment this man's behavior and approach.

One would assume that Facebook can see deleted comments for the context, (I have them all via email notifications) I wasn't being violent or harassing, I was simply asking him to explain his attack on the reputation of a high profile, respected Australian Woman. 

Did the Facebook reviewer really think I was threatening violence? It is clear from my whole Facebook history that I am a non violent individual...

Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe, the Facebook police could spend more time policing online hate and rape memes rather than those standing up for women online?