Thursday, June 26, 2008

Patch for Opera and Mapguide Available + FF3 works with Linux too

I just uploaded a simple patch which enables Opera to work with the Basic viewer in Mapguide.

Turns out there is some strange behaviour with Opera when in comes to image onload functions which caused the map not to be loaded.

Also, the strange problem I was having with the Firefox 3 patch has mysteriously disappeared.

So if you want to get Mapguide support for Opera 9.50 and Firefox 3, have a look at the following trac issues:

AJAX viewer does not load map in Firefox 3 RC 1)
Opera 9.50 doesn't load map using the Basic Viewer

There may be some additional bugs with Opera, but this now works...

As Tom mentioned, this means Mapguide on the WII :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Solving climate change for 54 cents a day

The kids who follow Brendan Emo Man Nelson have kicked up a fuss over the introduction of a Emissions Trading Scheme in Australia.

Their problem is that households might be $200 AUD worse off per year.

Quickly grabbing the calculator, it works out to about 54 cents a day to actually start doing something about climate change.

Obviously things are tight at the moment for working families (sic), but 54 cents seems pretty cheap to help guarantee your kids a future.

One of the biggest problem's with the American system is that there is no direct opposite for the President, unlike in Australia where we have a Leader of the Opposition who usually gets equal coverage as the Prime Minister.

Alas, it doesn't really help much when the opposition is just so out of touch.

There is a certain responsibility here as well for the Media, especially News Corp whose journalists seem to have their head well and truly stuck in the dark ages that marked the Howard Years.

Another great tragedy is way that the opposition have delayed the passing of the government's changes to superannuation laws for same-sex couples.

I'm getting angry Brendan, very angry....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Easy speed up for Mapguide Fusion page load time

One thing i really did notice with a fresh mapguide install was not having javascript compressed by default.

Fusion especially uses a lot of javascript and it does take a while to load!

I have submitted a patch which enables compression of javascript which really does make the initial page load a lot faster.

You just need to add the following to the apache2/conf/mapguide.conf file, just before the RewriteEngine on line

AddType text/javascript js jgz
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/javascript

This will works for Apache both on linux and windows! You can do the same thing with IIS but it's not quite sooo simple

Patch for Mapguide Firefox 3 problem available

Tom has posted a patch and windows binaries which fix the problems with Firefox 3 and Mapguide.

I had done some of the digging for issue and I found that the only difference was that Firefox 3 appends "; charset=UTF-8 to the Content-Type http header.

FF3: Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8
FF2: Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

I have tested this on XP with the binaries Tom posted and it worked :)

To test the patch on linux, download the patch into your MgDev/Oem MgDev/Web/src source directory.

mv FF3Fix.patch\?format\=raw FF3Fix.patch

Apply the patch using patch -p 0 < FF3Fix.patch

You then need to rebuild the Oem stuff using ./ in the MgDev directory.

You then need to run make install ( you need to run the make install for the server as it enables the Mapguide support in Apache conf) otherwise, you will get the ELF binary of mapagent.fcgi returned.

Remember to either backup and restore serverconfig.ini or recreate any alias mappings as serverconfig.ini will be recreated.

In addition, don't forget to install the new fusion 1.0.6 release

The basic viewer is working for me on both XP and Linux now with FF 3 but there seems to be an issue with fusion.. hmmmm..

Fusion is working in IE & Mapguide Studio but something seems to be failing with Firefox

Steve Dang has also checked in some fixes on the trunk for Rasters, whilst primarily targeted at the Autodesk.Raster provider, it's meant to improve the GDAL stability as well.

Once there has been some more testing, I think there's a good case for a 2.0.2 point release as there are some good fixes in the tree since 2.0.1

Update: The fusion problem has magiscally disappeared and the patch should be applied to MgDev/Web/src not MgDev/Oem

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some of the Exempt Venues from Melbourne's 2am Lockout

There's some stupid lock rules for venues in Melbourne at the moment, here
is a list of places which are exempt which a friend sent me.

To join the campaign against it check out Melbourne Locked Out

Q Bar
Colonial Hotel
Blue Bar
The Gin Place
Colonial Hotel
Court Jester Hotel
Production 75 Holdings
Cherry Bar
Patty Malone Bar
Heavenly Pier
Little Lygon Bar & Grill
Damion De Silva
Noble Management
The Long Room
Event Coordinators P/L
The Saint Hotel
Cushion Lounge
La La Land
The Peel
Centrefold Lounge
The Men's Gallery
The Tunnel
Negroni Bar & Grill
Mark Sleigh Base Backpackers - St Kilda
The Welcome Stranger
Bar 20

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Someone is stealing my content!

Hmmm, a site appears to have stolen a blog entry from my site without attribution, in what looks like a ploy to build up some pagerank.

The stolen content was taken from a entry about the lack of proxy support in mapguide studio.

I was doing some more research, looking for a registry entry solution for studio and I happened across that site. They seem to be stealing from quite a few places.

I have no problem with my feed being syndicated when it's attributed, like planet osgeo or cfbloggers

The site is registered to Jonathan Dodd - whom I have emailed a copy of this entry to.

It's a shame, it almost looks like a useful site, just that it appears to be stealing content from other people...

Life is better with Mapguide Opensource!

On one of my Mapguide projects, we were having an issue with the wrong font's being displayed which was causing a legibility problem.

So I jumped over to the Mapguide Trac Site and checked out the recent code check-ins, as I remembered seeing something about that appearing on the Timeline (Think of it as a Facebook style newsfeed for the project)

I found this closed issue Improve font matching algorithm, so I logged into the server, switched to the source code directory and ran svn update, rebuilt and installed the latest and greatest Mapguide version.

It was pretty quick as there are only minor changes and hey presto, problem solved!

So I'm no longer running 2.0.1, actually, I only did for a very short while, as there were some other nice fixes checked in after the 2.0.1 freeze.

I have said this before, don't bother using the mapguide src tarballs, always use subversion but stick to the appropriate branch and not the trunk, it's going be more reliable, that's what branches are for...

ie svn co

Also, Tom Fukushima added an external_id to the bugs relating to issues with Firefox 3 not working with Mapguide Ajax Viewer and Apache Crashing which means the Autodesk team is looking into them.

If your DVICO FusionRemote doesn't work

It might be your Logitech wireless keyboard or mouse. Mine wasn't working until I stumbled across a post somewhere which mentioned it.

Solution? Try using an old school USB keyboard and mouse and see if that solves the your problem. (that includes unplugging the Logitech USB receiver)

UPDATE: Problem solved, using an stereo extension cable to move the IR cable away from the Logitech receiver, I got them both working!

I also had problems that I wasn't getting a picture from the DVICO HDtv software, I could play an AVI file thru the software, but TV just wasn't working. Eventually I did get it working, probably as a result of installing PowerDVD, but I'm not a 100% sure.

Software is a complex business, so there might of been a dependency on something which PowerDVD installs.. hard to say. I was working off a very clean install, basically I had only installed XP + SP3 + Firefox and then the DVICO software.

My DVICO Dual Digital 4 still isn't supported under linux, hopefully DVICO puts some effort into supporting the V4L project directly.

Given the lack of support for bleeding edge TV hardware drivers for linux, I reckon there's a a compelling business argument for vendors to do this.