Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meredith Music Festival 2007 Photos

Thanks to a last minute ticket from Marcus, I ended up going to my first Meredith Music Festival last weekend. I have been to a lot of festival's in my time, but they are almost always of the electronic variety. It was great to head up with a different circle of friends and see how the other half lives :)

My Personal highlights was Crystal Castles and Goyte and Cut Copy.

Personal lowlight was the DJ's on Saturday night...lame.... who the hell plays Blue Monday, only to cut out before it kicks off with into another (lame) track.. doh... least i picked it was going to happen sitting in Camp....

I was asked about how i found Meredith compared to Doof's.... Meredith had a much more relaxed vibe ( the dancefloor was covered in chairs and lounges ), I only got my exercise by "searching for friends to a sound track" as Mimmo said. Overall it was a lot of fun, but I am really looking forward to my next doof!

On a side note to The Age.... there is more visually interesting photos of Meredith Festival than just a crowd surfing pic (yawn) and a butt shot from the Meredith Gift.... But hey I was expecting that.. I have been shooting mostly wide angle with my 10-22mm recently, partly due to my 17-85mm being placed in a very safe place at some point.. very safe...where???

(Some) Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flash 9 HD and a new look Adobe.com

Ok, Adobe releases some cool new HD stuff with Flash Player 9 and their website has been given a make over....

but it's so 1990's.. who the hell designs a website these days which is only 800 pixels wide.... every one has at least 1024 now and from the stats i've seen, 1280 is becoming the norm... The front page is wider, but the product pages are all 800px...

sigh, time for a Coopers Red

New N95 Firmware! with N-GAGE

Just backed and and loaded the new v20 firmware on my N95 phone. The thing does feel a lot more snappy... (one of those days).. Even the backup and restore seems to of worked better than last update I did, and it did just work.

The last update v12 didn't include the new version of maps for my region (EUROPE-1) but this one does.... now if only the current cell tower location was always on the screen... The new search function looks good if not better than the Inbox for browsing messages.

N-GAGE has been added to the phone, with 2 demo's... they are going to release more soon, nothing available yet... the car racing game feels on par with the old sega rally / daytona if not a bit better

over on the N95blog i found this link for this really nice theme, Dark Teal

XP just got faster...

Not sure why, but this late morning my laptop started to feel a whole lot snappier....

Was it today's Windows Update Patches or installing Wireshark with WinPcap?

Who knows? either way I'm happy bout it :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great Comparison of different SQL implementations

There's a discussion going on CFAUSSIE about the limitations on using the CF8 embedded apache Derby db and how to handle select a page of results from a database using limits... kinda juicy discussion going on there...

anyway Geoff posted a link to a JIRA task for Derby which contained this gem of a link in the comments, Comparision between major SQL implementations

Sunday, December 09, 2007

CF Debug copy - Firefox Addon for CF SQL

Just read about a new tool over on dopefly written in .NET for copying CF's great debug output back into unbound SQL.

Then Sami Hoda commented about a Firefox add-on which does this automatically on copy :) It's called CF Debug Copy for Firefox

I personally prefer the second option, as it's one less tool in the chain, but ultimately best answer here is to embed some code into your one of your debug output code script in CF which can be found here "C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\WEB-INF\debug". I have seen other examples out there to do this..

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gmail select unread emails feature request

When you select all messages on a page in Gmail, it will then give you the option to select all messages under that label. Neat :)

A little pet hate is that unread mail count inbox(2), and empty inbox gives a nice false sense of being organised :)

I just want to select them all and either read, delete, whatever just to clean things out, but searching for "is:unread in:inbox" feels pretty damn wrong and is way to geek for most people. (gmail search commands)

When i click on the unread link, i would love to see an option like the "select all 2834 conversations" above : "click here to select all 2 unread conversations in inbox"

BatLeb by Merrick and Rosso

thanks mish for the link

Gmail just added color labels

Just was sitting looking at the volumes of email going thru my gmail today and i thought my eye's were going a bit wonky coz the labels looked strange.

Turns out there is now a little square next to the labels which you can set a color for each label.... nifty....the bold background bold colors seem best...

I would like to see the New Features link appear everytime they add something tho...

Swedish Self-Cleaning Toilet

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Earthcore 2007 Photos

Best Earthcore in years, with Funktion One sound systems on all floors, on a weekend when John Howard became a victim of Workchoices it was great to be out in a crater dancing and having fun with some great music.

I remember forgetting about the election and then sitting in my tent with a few friends around 9ish and thinking, hey, what's going on? I switched on my phone and it started to peep....

Landslide! Mark Nolen

Labour doing well.. Major national region in qld swinging right.. Bennalong & Eden-monaro in canberra alp lead.. Will keep u updated :) Frances Ozturk

Oh Spitz, you missed Kezza o'briens freudian slip when if referred to 'a swing to the ABC' ! The aides outside the studios was HUGE! Gold. Mischa Long

Far fucking out! Johnny might lose his own seat. That'd be so sweet! Happy election night x
Sally McPhee

A week later and it feels very much like post Jeff Kennett in Victoria back in the 90's. Kyoto is in, The Libs are in disarray, John Howard doesn't even have a seat in parliament anymore, Costello ain't smirking, Troops out of Iraq by mid 2008... it's all great stuff...

In the end it was all expected