Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've joined the MapGuide PSC

As of last Monday I am now offically part of the MapGuide Project Steering Committee , along with a fellow Melbournian Jackie Ng. Thats some serious Canadian and Australian representation :)

Which means I get to help shape the future of MapGuide and help improve the project with the rest of the PSC team.

Having been an active member of the community for a couple of years now, it's nice to be recognised and join the rest of the PSC.

My main focus will be, as it has been for a while is to help get other developers on board with the project, continue to iron out the rough edges, advocate linux as a platform for MapGuide and help users on the mailing list, especially the ones who take time to ask pertinant questions after firstly doing some research themselves.

As a long time advocate of standardising FDO naming conventions and also maturing the tiling support with MapGuide, I hope to make a difference!

One of my long time bug bears with MapGuide is the problematic GDAL Raster Support.

BTW, I am proud to announce some further funding from my company for Trevors GDAL Initative, anyone else care to chip in towards making reliable free raster support for MapGuide a reality?

Shameless Plug Plug, Hint Hint :)